MUSAS Written by Néstor Caballero & Directed by Iraida Tapias.

Rebeca Alemán as FRIDA KAHLO / Mónica Steuer as SYLVIA PLATH

Musician & Composer Samuel Ocean

MUSAS – Official Selection The New York International Fringe Festival 2015.

MUSAS – An extraordinary encounter between two icons of Contemporary Art, Mexican Painter FRIDA KAHLO and American Poet SYLVIA PLATH, in which they share the most intimate and passionate moments of their lives.

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If Frida Kahlo Smoked a Blunt with Sylvia Plath by Daniel Larkin

MUSAS by Antonio Minino

 “Rebeca Alemán is a powerhouse to watch as Kahlo: she majestically balances on the tightrope of Kahlo’s complexities, succeeding at interpreting her childlike ways, enthusiasm, and sexuality, while also having to deal with her pain and loss”

 “Monica Steuer not only bares an uncanny resemblance to Plath, but she also excels at shaping an otherwise one-dimensional character into a full-bodied tormented soul”

“…The performances are excellent. As Kahlo, Rebeca Alemán is a whirlwind of energy, definitely the dominant personality, contrasted with Mónica Steuer’s Plath, played as a somewhat wan, lost soul. The actors embrace the choices they make, character-wise, and present wholly believable people. Great performances highlight entertaining…”  Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat.

 “…The play is full of intense dramatic moments, Kahlo writhes in pain on a gurney, Plath rages against her unfaithful husband. Monica Steuer and Rebeca Aleman throw themselves heart and soul into recreating Plath and Kahlo…”

Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader.

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